Slot Games With Football Themes

Open the new year with a GOAL! Football fans rejoice! The new year brings about a new year of tournaments, continues the legacy of legendary football players, introduces new up-and-coming football stars and of course, new football slots! While we are waiting for the release of those games, here are a few football-themed slot games you might enjoy.

Soccer Safari – Africa and soccer combined
In 2010 the World Cup was held in South Africa. This tournament had its very own atmosphere, which was determined by the tones of the Vuvuzelas and the culture of Africa. Thematically, Soccer Safari is based on the mood of this World Cup. The symbols are made up of animals from African fauna. In Soccer Safari, for example, a cheetah is in the gate and a zebra takes on the role of the referee. The game was released just in time for the World Cup in 2010 and was very well received by the players. Soccer Safari succeeds in bridging the gap between football and Africa.

Soccer Safari consists of five reels with three symbols each. So it is a very classic slot machine that offers 30 game lines. Players can start with a one cent bet. The maximum bet is set at 20 cents. Soccer Safari also offers the possibility of free spins and bonus rounds. Soccer Safari stands out from the crowd primarily through the bonus round entitled Go for Goal. Then the player takes on the role of the lion and has to try to convert a penalty. Here you can win up to 6000 coins.

The classic of the genre – shoot!
With Shoot! there is still a very classic representative of the football slots to choose from. Savvy soccer fans can already see from the symbols that Shoot! has existed for a long time. The soccer stars of past days can be seen on them, such as the Argentinian Maradona or Germany’s legend Franz Beckenbauer.

However, the technology and the game mechanisms are not at all dusty. Shoot! has five reels and 50 different paylines. The stake starts at one cent and goes up to ten cents. The low stake is a little misleading, because considerable profits are possible. Up to 100 euros can be earned with one turn. In addition, there is the jackpot, which can bring up to 20,000 euros. Of course, opportunities for bonus and free spins are among the options in Shoot!

Differences between games
There is a suitable football game for every taste and preference at the online slot machines. The variation is very large in terms of topic, appearance and complexity. Very deep games, like Football Star with its 243 paylines, are easily accessible alternatives like Shoot! across from. Shoot trumps for that! with low stakes and tempting jackpots. The opposite is World Cup Mania. Here, players benefit from a high return to player and can play relatively safely and without great risk over longer periods. As with many other topics, the following also applies here: the large selection enables everyone to find their personal favorites. Most players value a certain factor. This can be authenticity, tension, the chance of high winnings or even low stakes. Thanks to the online offers of casinos on the Internet, players can enjoy the various football games anywhere. At home, on vacation or why not at halftime in the stadium?

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